Benefits of Membership

Multidisciplinary network

WLS creates a very effective network of the top professional service firms from various disciplines globally. Unlike single professional networks, being members of a multidisciplinary network gives its members infinite growth opportunities resulting in an exponential increase in their respective professional fields.


Firm and individual professional membership

WLS membership comprises of not only firms/companies, but also of individual professionals like chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost accountants, advocates and other professionals. Each member is provided with their own personal WLS account focused around their specific areas of expertise. This individualized model allows the organization to locate specific expertise and skills required for our patrons.


Increased business opportunities

WLS multidisciplinary service model helps it members to increase their business opportunities. Our main objective is to provide members with referrals, collaborations and by creating a new client base for all kind of services and different locations by continually developing new methods to interconnect our members.


A knowledge sharing platform

Our model has been created to offer opportunities to all our members. Through our network local professionals can form teams to share and exchange knowledge pertaining to specific industries. Similarly, national and global service providers have an option to participate together and further offer access to the recognized professionals and our patrons around the world.


Superior client service

We aim to provide our patrons with experts at different fields and locations having experience about their respective laws and the customary day to day practices which provides quick and easy solutions for the queries of our patrons.


Professional updates

WLS aims to keep its patrons / members updated by providing them with leaf lets and newsletters with respect to the major happenings around the globe. Further WLS provides its members networking opportunities through annual conferences, meetings and events throughout the year. These events are aimed to facilitate interaction and relationship building of the members of WLS .


Members helpdesk

WLS aims to provide its patrons instant solutions to their queries pertaining to legal, corporate and commercial queries. Further, at WLS we are committed to provide our members with national and international judgments, draft agreements, amendments, new notifications, stamp duty requirements and various other compliance requirements etc.

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